Viral Leadership TV Episode 2 – Real Success

A very warm welcome back to viewers of Viral Leadership TV or VLTV for short – the video blog which aims to catalyse conversation about leadership.

A big thank you all for the feedback and comments on Episode 1 – this has allowed me to sort out a few things this 2nd time around straight off the bat, like the audio levelling for instance. I have also gone for a ‘one take’ concept, in terms of the spoken piece which hopefully should flow better.

This 2nd  episode has taken a bit longer than anticipated to get around to as it’s been simply mad at ‘the day job’ these past few weeks.

Since it’s coming to the end of the 2010 target setting season, at least in my organisation, I thought I would say a few words about what I’d call ‘real success’.

Notes for Episode 2

  1. The book ‘Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done”, by Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan, is certainly one that has had a huge influence on how I have gone about things this last few years. I commend buying and reading this to those aspiring leaders who haven’t already. A decent summary is here if you want to cut to the chase!
  2. Made a bit of a ‘boo-boo’ towards end of the video where I contrasted the consistent real success of Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United over the years, with those who tried to ‘buy their way’ to success and cited again Man U as team who had done this. Of course meant to say MANCHESTER CITY – currently backed by the deep pockets / trillion-dollar wealth of Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, from Abu Dahbi.



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6 Responses to “Viral Leadership TV Episode 2 – Real Success”

  1. Katy Says:

    Nice job – there are some good nuggets in here and the audio is much improved! I think your analysis about the balanced scorecard spreading the target into too many pieces is spot on. Too many organizations try to measure too much rather than finding one or two metrics that are truly meaningful to their success and letting everything else roll up into those large targets.

  2. Will Lukang Says:

    Nice follow up! I agree that the scorecard need to be focused. Also, benchmarking is really important in assessing where we stand be it internally or against our competitors. The true measure of success if when we can consistently getting things done over a period of time – it is success over a period of time.

    By the way, that background wall has to go. My next blog content is about branding. I’m thinking of talking about your blog and others. Let me know if that is fine with you.



  3. Will S Says:

    I remember the many times macho leaders in your company ‘told’ leaders like yourself what their target needed to be. It takes courage to stand up to this, a smart use of gathering facts like benchmarking. Perhaps ‘courage’ is something to be discussed in the future?

  4. Mervyn Says:

    Interesting concept to use a video. interesting to know today that you tube is largest search engine!

    How many other leaders are preapred to put their face on line rather than hide behind the email mountain?

    Reasonable stretch targets with execution done really well with everyone aligned is often the secret of highly successful team working (See Ken Blanchard work of early 1990s.)

  5. Caroline Ayres Says:

    Nice to hear your dulcet tones once again!

    Your video helped remind me that I should also be applying strategic thinking to my goals outside of work – as that is where I feel most challenged at the moment (riding horses over fences is not my strong point).

  6. Gordon Bache Says:

    When is episode 3 coming? Hope the ‘day job’ isn’t distracting you!

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