Viral Leadership TV Episode 3 – starting a new team

This is Episode 3 of Viral Leadership TV or VLTV for short – the video blog which aims to catalyse conversation about leadership.

Although I had planned to review a couple of books in this episode, in fact I decided in the end to talk about starting up a new team as leader. This is something which one periodically has the (very privileged) opportunity to do at work and which I am in the midst of at the moment – so currently ‘front of mind’.

In any endeavour, it is well known that making a great start really tips the balance in favour of eventual success. And in my experience this is true in spades for large projects!

Architecting a good team ‘kick-off’ event where you can share hopes and dreams and contract how you are going to work together helps even more. I have found this can accelerate you on a more rapid trajectory to becoming a high performing team by as much as 6 months. Of course, this  assumes that following the kick-off, you continue with your team in making the right leadership interventions which support/re-inforce the agreements made at start-up!

I believe that if you agenda your team start-up meeting around 4 key questions, then this can really get the climate and conversations at for the event into a really fruitful space. I will discuss these questions in the episode….

Notes for Episode 3

  1. I’d like to express my thanks to fellow leadership bloggers Dan Rockwell, Will Lukang, Katy Tynan and Allen Roberts for encouraging comments opposite a ‘newbies’ first faltering efforts in their field. Old mates, Will Sudworth and Eric Thompson have also helped with thoughtful input.



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One Response to “Viral Leadership TV Episode 3 – starting a new team”

  1. Gordon Bache Says:

    Waiting for episode 4….

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