Viral Leadership TV Episode 4 – Book review of Seth Godin’s Linchpin

This is Episode 4 of Viral Leadership TV or VLTV for short – the video blog which aims to catalyse conversation about leadership. Bit of a time gap since last episode, so sorry about that ;).

The episode is given over to a review of Linchpin, the latest book from celebrity blogger Seth Godin, and a book which is uncannily timely given the way the world of work is unfolding.

It was Seth who previously gave us the classics Permission Marketing and Purple Cow, but this time the book is much more personal – focused on the need for people to be remarkable (linchpins vs cogs) and not on remarkable products or services. Godin is the doyen of sticky concepts and this book is deliciously chock full of them.   Hope you enjoy the review..

Notes for Episode 4

  • In the video, I mentioned that Seth’s book is peppered with great illustrations by Hugh McLeod – the Venn diagrams in particular are cool. Check out Hugh’s stuff over at The Gaping Void.
  • One other interesting point I missed out in the video is that Seth believes that linchpins also invariably have Pranja – the ruthless ability to see things as they are versus how you would hope or wish them to be…

  • For those who like lists, here are seven things Seth says can make you a linchpin…

  • Finally, see my summary of ‘selected Sethisms’ below…



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4 Responses to “Viral Leadership TV Episode 4 – Book review of Seth Godin’s Linchpin”

  1. Gordon Bache Says:

    Good digest. Saves me having to read it 😉

  2. Gordon Bache Says:

    P.S was going to say that “prose poetry” was a bit of a contradictory phrase, but shut me up! – >

  3. Kate Says:

    Hi Ricky

    Great video – the sound was good, and the formatting looked great. Would have to agree with you regarding Seth’s earlier books being his best. I really admire Seth Godin too! He’s actually speaking in NYC on April 20th with Michael Eisner, Tom Peters, Anna Bernasek and Gary Vaynerchuk. Only 200 tickets are being sold, so it’s a pretty intimate affair with some of the most innovative minds in the business industry. It’s apart of the re-Set Business Forum (hosted by Harper Collins & Vanity Fair):

    Registration is here:

  4. Chris Hutchinson Says:

    Nice video review, Ricky. Thanks for posting on my blog to let me know about it.

    Here’s to helping leaders grow and thrive!


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